05 STS: Replace throttle body

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05 STS: Replace throttle body

Post by kevm14 » Sat Feb 09, 2019 11:34 am

I will reiterate that this is so easy. Some fun facts:
- The TB is made in Germany, by VDO.
- It even came with new bolts

I struggled to remove the harness plug. The lower release/clasp didn't want to go. It took some fooling around and checking in a mirror to see what was going on but I got it.
Old one
VDO! VDO is famous for branded BMW gauge clusters, like E30, E36 and so on.

Next step was I wanted to reset my codes (yes another P0430). So I did that. I could not find anything on throttle relearn but it did have an idle relearn. I don't know what that does but it didn't seem to need it.

So off a cold start after the idle came down (I revved it and it settled) to 625 rpm, this thing makes 87 psi of oil pressure. Good gravy.
Anyway, I road tested it. The tip in still feels a little soft but I think that is just the calibration. It does seem better though. It also would do a thing where you'd give it a small amount of throttle and it would kind of feel like the TB was hunting a little. That seems to be gone but more use will tell for sure.

So I think this was worthwhile. It was easy and cheap, anyway.

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