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Re: Dining room update

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kevm14 wrote: Sun Dec 14, 2014 3:17 pm Here's a proper Windows & Doors update.

Leading from my dining room to my deck is an Andersen PS510 slider, circa 1985. I've noticed that it's a bit drafty at the bottom of the door where the moving panel meets the stationary panel. I realized the gasket between the two panels was due for replacement, so I ordered a new gasket, P/N 2550018. $57.90 shipped was a bit steep but that's what they go for. 30 years seems like a reasonable life span.

To remove the door, you just remove the screws that hold the top trim/guide into the door frame. That's it. Here is the door removed.

Not surprisingly, it's heavy.

Nice and gross at the bottom. You can see how the gasket is kind of tearing away, not able to seal well.

The top is a little less gross.

I just removed the screws and yanked the gasket out. It had some caulk on the backside that I cleaned off as best as I could with a putty knife. Here is the new gasket installed.



Happily, I no longer feel a draft.
Now a different weather stripping has torn. This is the one where the door closes against the jamb. I was able to find the right part and order it, along with some vinyl glue. Total cost shipped: a little over $20.
By the way it was damn handy I was able to instantly locate this thread and see where I had documented the model of the slider. Made this pretty easy.
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