Antenna repair

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Antenna repair

Post by kevm14 » Sun Feb 21, 2016 3:57 pm

The antenna and mast actually were fine. Recall this ... 1607#p7693

Turns out the brackets bent - pretty severely, too.
This is what I ordered originally and I don't recommend them due to the thin gauge construction:

I remembered that the ones Ed ordered were built much better, so I ordered that one to replace mine:

They present a little more of a challenge when it comes time to install the mast, but it is worth it. It helped to separate the masts and install the lower mast into the brackets by itself, then attach the upper mast w/ antenna after that. I was able to clamp the bands way tighter than the other kit and the brackets aren't even bent. Like night and day.
Only one real hitch: the lower bracket was mounted in such a way that the band was actually touching the roof. That's not good, so we came up with a solution:
Even serves as a cable guide!

We did a little aiming experiment but it didn't amount to much difference, though we didn't try drastically different angles than before.

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