Fix another leaky outside faucet

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Fix another leaky outside faucet

Post by kevm14 » Sat May 23, 2020 2:53 pm

Got a note from the tenants that the back faucet handle fell off and water is spraying out from the shaft. So they shut it off in the house. Oh boy, another one.

I got these pictures.
IMG_20200523_155348_01.png (282.37 KiB) Viewed 19 times
IMG_20200523_155351_01.png (296.2 KiB) Viewed 19 times
This thing has been leaking for like 10 years so I get it.

Went over this morning to size up the job and see what the access inside the house is. It's very tight and hard to reach. Looks like it would be quite obnoxious. Check out the factory scorched wood from....1961?
I really didn't want to solder in there. I thought about a Shark Bite connector (the O-ring style that I didn't want to use on my house). But first I wanted to see if the original valve was salvageable.

After going to Ace twice, and measuring the shaft with a plastic set of dial calipers that they had, I ended up buying a new rubber packing for $0.99, like this: ... 1-per-bag/

And then even though the faucet was fully functional (though I could have attempted to replace the valve stem gasket), I splurged and got this 1/4 turn ball shutoff valve. ... rs/7303365
Ace shutoff valve.PNG
So total cost under $10 and way less time and hassle than doing the frost-free sillcock...also much more half-assed but I think it'll work fine.

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